Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mark Jenkins on "Roads to the Interior: Another Side of Japanese Cinema"

Thanks to Mark Jenkins for the thoughtful recap of the Japanese film series I programmed last year at ReelDC.


Pierre Radulescu said...


I would like to ask you about a scene from another movie.

It's about Gaav, the movie made by Dariush Mehrjui in 1969. I have read about it in your book, then I ordered it on Amazon. I have seen it two days before. It is really a great movie. I posted some thoughts on my own blog (, I wrote in Romanian, I am now preparing a post in English.

It is much to say about Gaav; I think it could be compared to some extent to the movies of Pasolini; maybe also Parajanov (or Tarkovsky) would come to mind; and it would be interesting to compare the rural universe from Gaav, The Wind Will Carry Us, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Pather Panchali: each one comes to the rural civilization with a different perspective.

What I would like you to ask is different: there is a scene in Gaav where two old women open some kind of an altar, with a huge human figure, lively colored, and they worship their 'God and Savior'

We could assume that the villagers are Muslims. Then? Is it here something about pre-Muslim remnants? Or is it a Christian village? Or?...

I searched on imdb and no one seemed to note this scene.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

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